AzureWave AW-NB041H - Wifi And Bluetooth 3.0 Half Mini Express Card

Gear: AzureWave AW-NB041.

Most Bluetooth devices out there will be on the 2.0 family, but a lot of modern laptops have 3.0.  The problem is that there aren't many Bluetooth 3.0 accessories right now (a bit of bummer).  But since 3.0 brings an increased transfer speed (24Mbps on AMP mechanism) we should start seeing some really good products.

Other things:
  • Class 2 - Probably will be seen in mobile devices, consumes 2.5 mW, and has a range of 33 feet (10M)
  • Class 1 - Probably will be seen in laptops, consumes up to 100 mW, has a range of 100M

The one thing I want really bad is Sennheiser noise cancelling Bluetooth 3.0 headphones.  Right now Sennheiser has 2.0 versions. It may not be worth getting 2.0s when 3.0 could hit any day. But again, it may take a while.

Published: Aug 22, 2011

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