Would you like a convertible tablet with E-Ink Pixel Qi?

I have always wanted a powerful single device that can do most of my computing as well as media consumption.  The device would be something like a convertible tablet with Pixel Qi, or other e-paper/e-ink technology. 

  • E-readers offer e-ink but are slow and do not support many note taking/reading capabilities.
  • Convertible tablets offer LCD screens which strain your eyes and are very hard to see in sunlight.

The Solution:
  • A convertible tablet with Pixel Qi, Windows 7 or 8, touch and pen input.

  • Fujitsu Lifebook T580 = Great portability, keyboard, touch and pen input via N-Trig, 6-cell battery, descent specs
  • Pixel Qi 1280x800 = Sun readability, reduces eye strain, improves battery life
  • Windows + MS OneNote + PDF Annotator = Runs powerful software
  • Expenses would be between $1,000 to $2,000 (not cheap stuff)

Other notes:
  • No intense 3d graphics for this system (the only downfall that I can spot).
  • The T580 supports a 10 inch screen, and Pixel Qi sells right now a 10 inch screen at 1024x600
  • N-Trig would be the touch/pen solution (it's included with the T580)   Wacom has 10 inch solutions, but they are not easily accessible.

I'm willing to try but funding is extremely low, and there's no guarantees that it would work.  If you are interested in this project please voice your opinions on the comments. If there's enough interest I'm willing to add a "donate" button that hopefully covers some of the expenses.

Fujitsu LifeBook T580

  • It's a small convertible tablet
  • Offers Core i3 and i5 CPUs
  • Touch + pen input
  • Will do great at HD video

Pixel Qi

Windows 7 or 8

  • Full OS with file management
  • Variety of programs
  • Support for many connections/usb, etc

Best PDF Support

  • Chances are that you work with a lot of PDFs
  • Many slate tablets out there suck at PDF support due to screen resolution, and the lack of password protection support.

Published: Jul 8, 2011


  1. How would the battery life be?

  2. The 6 cell according to Fujitsu would give around 7 hours, but in reality that might give about 3 hours on the normal LCD.

    With Pixel Qi there can be dramatic improvements to the battery and they have stated that their upcoming screens can have "power savings of up to 80% over conventional LCDs"

    Engadget had a post about the battery life with several systems and the first generation Pixel Qi:

  3. Too little screen for any serious job or "content creation", IMHO. 12" is optimal.

  4. @V
    10 inch screens for portrait mode might be a bit too small. In landscape it should be ok.

  5. This is an interesting project to me Jesse - I have been looking for such a device. I currently use a Samsung netbook with a pixel qi screen. It's not perfect, but I've used it like crazy for over a year.

  6. Neal,
    I killed the project after the T580 didn't allow the Pixel Qi to work properly.

    I still like the dream. Maybe one day, but surely not today.

    1. hi!
      probably this project is not interesting anymore for you (now is 2015) yet there is a rugged tablet with pixel qi screen.


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