Targus Student Essentials Backpack Bundle ("free" with Fujitsu T580)

This is the Targus Student Essentials Backpack Bundle that ships for "free" with a Fujitsu Lifebook T580 with Core i5. I say "free" because you are really paying for it; the price of the T580 increases dramatically from the i3 to the i5.

  • Seems durable material and it's "water resistant"
  • Padding everywhere (handle, back, and straps)
  • Roomy on main compartment
  • Bonus accessories
  • Water bottle holder + and mp3 bag
  • It works with my bigger laptop (HP Pavilion DV6T QE)

  • It does seem a bit bulky for me
  • The materials of the interior of the front compartment seem rather cheap.
  • The tiny T580 will probably bounce around in the main compartment.  If you are moving around a lot this is not good.

Overall I think it's a decent backpack.  I'll probably use the mouse here and then.  I probably won't use the lock, but it's a nice thing to have for those who go to a local Starbucks and places were your laptop can be stolen.

Other Notes:
I don't understand why companies give you a generic "free" accessory that does not emphasize the greatness of the system.  I think that if Fujitsu wanted to increase a product's value they would give you the option of the Bump Case.  The Bump case is tailored to the T580 and I would be a lot happier with that instead of this generic backpack.

Published: Jul 30, 2011


  1. Why do you like convertible laptops? They do the same things as laptops can and their more expansive. Laptops are evan more powered at a lower price.
    Just asking'

  2. @1515
    I like the idea of a device that can do a lot of things. If I can have a single system that can replace multiple devices that's exactly what I want. Why have a laptop, a tablet, an ereader, paper notebook, physical books, and so on, when I can have it all in one with a convertible tablet?

    The most powerful convertible tablet right now is the Fujitsu T901 which offers Nvidia discrete graphics. It should be interesting to see how it does against gaming systems.

    Yes a lot of modern laptops are very powerful. But they are bulky, have crappy battery life, and will lower your sperm count (if placed on that special region).

    The one device that I have looked for is not in the market yet. I want the T901 at close to the size of the T580. or the T580 with discrete level graphics. :-)

    When the house catches up on fire and all hell is breaking loose I will know the one system that has all my important stuff. Grab the convertible tablet and run! Everything else won't matter. :-)

  3. Hey Jesse,

    nice vids! :-) Iám glad to see more about the t580!

    One question - i noticed ur Windows Taskbar is on the right, but whats this bar on the left side? Looks like a mini Preview of ur open Tabs/Programms?

    Greetings and go on - great work - i also prefer a conv. Tablet!

  4. @Tobi
    The preview thumbnails is the 7 SideBar gadget.

  5. Ah cool - thanks a lot ;-) - i have seen the video - but it get out of my mind!

    Btw: Why do u choose a FSJ and no Lenovo x201t x220t? -> is it cause the PIXEL QI Panel that is only available in 10,1" or do u want a really small system or do u want to see a new System?

    Greetings tobi

  6. The main reason I got a T580 is because of the Pixel Qi screen. I also think the 10 inch systems are more portable and lighter than the 12 inch Lenovo systems.

    The problem with Pixel Qi is that they have not been able to reach any of the major PC companies. Innovators have a hard time getting started. Big companies try to play it safe because they deal with big numbers, mistakes cost millions or even billions of $$. Last time I checked the 15 inch laptops are the most popular laptops, so companies will continue to focus in those. Then a company like Apple releases something "unique" and because it has success everyone else copies.


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