HP Pavilion DV6T Quad Edition - How To Access Bios And Change Action-Function Buttons

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I started doing some programming again and I was in need of the F5 and F6 keys. Pressing the FN key and then pressing the right function button gets annoying. Usually the more steps it takes to accomplish something the less enjoyable it is. So I wanted my function keys back!

To change the Action keys to function keys you need to go into the Bios. Recently I reinstalled Windows 7 so I lost the software that allowed me to. It took a bit of time and research but now it can be done. Here's the how to.

How to access Bios and change the Action keys:
  • Ensure you have UEFI (get it at HP's Support and Drivers. I used "HP Pavilion DV6T-6100")
  • When booting up press the Esc key
  • Press F10 for Bios Setup
  • Use the arrow key and highlight System Configuration
  • Select Action Keys Mode and change it to "Disabled"
  • Select Exit, and Exit Saving Changes.

Most programs don't use all the function keys so it's not entirely needed. For gamers the function keys are essential so this will be super useful. If you don't want to change the Action keys to function keys I will go over on how to use AutoHotKey to remap the number pad to assign only the keys you need.

Published: Jul 4, 2011


  1. Will a 2.5 ghz processor be better on a game that uses 2 core then a 2.0 ghz 4 core processor?

    i heard that some games only use 2 cores...

    looking forward to the hi-spec game review!

  2. I think most games and programs don't take advantage of the multi-core stuff. However it makes sense to have more cores due to the different things that run at the same time (ie Windows components, games, programs, etc).

  3. ok thx
    Well i have a 32-bit game that i want to run on this.
    Since its a 64-bit system can i run it somehow?

  4. Most 32bit software works on 64bit Windows.

  5. Keep in mind you can buy this awesome laptop right now if you call HP Direct at 800-331-4120. I have an Envy that's pretty sick, but fully upgraded it should be way better!

  6. @Paul
    Can you do me a favor? Since you work for HP could you tell them to update their AMD graphics drivers so they work efficiently without giving blue screens and freezing up?

    Or are you just the salesman/media advertisement "social" bullshiter? Thanks for the spam.

  7. Hi do you the shortcut to open the blu ray tray? The button on the tray is very small n wont function properly. BTW I know to right click n eject. Thanks

  8. Like this:
    HP Pavilion DV6T Quad Edition - Open CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Tray Easily With A Script

  9. Does anyone know how to access Advanced Bios Settings? I'm seeing that for this type of bios you hit "A" immediately after pressing "F10" before the screen loads, but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks in advance...


    1. Do you have UEFI installed? The unit doesn't ship with this software, and without it the Bios cannot be accessed. The Bios itself is a bit restricted, which prevents some setting changes. You can download the UEFI at HP's Support website.

    2. I tried searching for a link.... no good... al are fake websites that could possibly contain a virus...

      if you could give me a link for it that would be great thanks :D

      btw : I want to change my graphic memory setting s(dedicated graphics memory), do i change it from the advances on bios... or is there another way? thanks :D

    3. Links are provided on the blog post. I doubt you can change the discrete graphics memory, but maybe the UEFI tools allows you to do that.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. i have an Hp lab top window 8 design that does not enter the BIOS When F10 is pressed F10 - Bios setup options , Esc - pause start up appears at the bottom left of the screen. what should i do. please help me

    1. The default bios does not allow it, and that's why you have to download and install UEFI for the laptop from HP's support page .


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