Fujitsu Lifebook T580 Convertible Tablet - Ordered

I just placed an order for a Fujitsu Lifebook T580.  This convertible tablet is one of the smallest Core i5 systems out there and its expensive.  There are many cheaper "netvertibles" out there and most of them don't do well on Flash video, and that's why the T580 will be much better.  I know that the Core i5 of the T580 will be able to handle most video scenarios and will become my main tablet.

My Configuration:
  • Intel Core i5-560UM  - The i3 does not support Intel Turbo Boost
  • Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  • 4GB RAM
  • 6-cell battery (extended)

The Dream:
I want to do something a bit unconventional. I want a convertible tablet with e-ink/e-paper screen that allows both finger touch and pen input. I'm hoping to get a hold of a 1280 x 800 Pixel Qi and replace the existing screen.  This is a big gamble for me because the total dollars spent would be over $1,700 and there's no guarantee of the system working.  If it all works out this could be close to the "all-in-one" system that I have always wanted and it would be amazing.

Coupon Code:
I looked around for a good coupon and found one that works and get's $100 off Fujitsu Lifebook systems.  The coupon is LABORDISC

I might have to sell my BlackBerry PlayBook to help pay for expenses. The PlayBook is a neat system that is slim, has long battery life, great screen, and great speakers but software wise it's not a full Windows 7 computer.  I hate how it doesn't support password protected PDFs, support for Kindle books, and it doesn't even support Hulu. The T580 with Windows 7 supports just about everything so I'm getting more functionality.


Published: Jul 16, 2011


  1. I got one with 3G built-in, the T580 is definitely the all-in-one for me, I do web development on the go.

  2. You should try a HP Touchpad.

  3. @aaron
    I never got the 3G version but I'm tempted on it. I plan on cancelling my cell phone plan soon and might move on to just PC with 3G and Google Voice. It would be a bit of a bulky cell phone now wouldn't it? How do you like your T580?

    I held an HP Touchpad and it seemed ok... it's not as thin as the iPad 2. I didn't get a chance of checking out the software but I do have a Palm Pre which gives a bit of an idea on how it might work. I think HP needs to add WebOS to their laptops and PCs too. That way they could introduce WebOS to a lot of people and if it's good enough then people would love to have it on many other devices.

  4. Would you go with a LIFEBOOK T731 or a ThinkPad X220 if you had choice. thanks in advance your blog has been very helpful.

  5. @Rob
    I have not tried the Lifebook T731 so I can't tell you if it's "better" than the X220T.

    If I had unlimited money I would get me a T901 with the discrete graphics. The device that I have wanted has to be the closest "all in one" system and I think the T901 is as of right now the closest. It is a bit expensive though.

    The only reason I would choose the T731 or T901 over the X220T would be due to the CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive. But I rarely use discs so I don't mind not having it. I think you can get a X220T for less money than the T731 with the same specs.

    The one thing that I would love to compare in these systems is the screen quality. The Lenovo X220T does have a superb screen. It would be interesting to see how the T731 and T901 compare. On previous generation systems Lenovo has beat Fujitsu systems on screen quality, and battery life.

  6. Thanks Jesse, that is a huge help.

  7. I have had both a Lenovo x220T and a Lifebook t731. The screen on the T731 is NOT good. It's very washed out and grainy. The x220T has an AWESOME screen, but the pen is terrible.

  8. That's a useful piece of info. Thanks.

  9. Hi Jesse, I'm enjoying the T580 with 3G, it has got a good balance of CPU, Screen res, Connectivity, Form factor, Battery life, etc., and comes with tablet features. I'm actually quite tempted to get another one as spare :)

  10. @Aaron
    I received it yesterday and have been enjoying it. N-Trig did a really good job with their pen +touch input.

    There are obviously a few things that I wish were improved, but it's a good system.


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