Dream Tablet - Pixel Qi 1280x800 Release Date (Q4 2011)

After a few emails with Pixel Qi Corporation it seems that the 1280x800 10.1 inch screen version is on schedule to for a Q4 2011 release. Most likely we won't see products with the screen until 2012. My dream tablet project will have to utilize the 1024x600 version for now, but I plan on upgrading eventually.

I'm also requesting a development kit directly from Pixel Qi which should save a few dollars. Maybe I can be lucky and get a 1280x800 prototype.

Other bits:
The Pixel Qi screen uses LVDS. I'm still not sure if I'll need an adapter to make it work along the Fujitsu T580, but we'll find out when all the parts arrive at my place. I have been checking out PChub.com which does have a lot of cable converters (link).

Doesn't this look amazing?

Published: Jul 21, 2011


  1. SWEET sry but i'm low on money... :(
    This looks like a gr8 idea when it gets to the market!

    btw how is the display on the HP Pavilion dv6tQE?
    DARK light=
    In sunlight=

  2. wow amazing in the sunlight!

  3. @1515
    Dark light = fine
    Direct sunlight = it's like all LCDs and that means not readable.
    Shade - It's ok, but since it's a glossy surface it will have reflections which is very unpleasant.

    The development kits of Pixel Qi are way out of my budget. The 1024x600 screen version is on the way to my place.


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