Dream Tablet - Compact Convertible Tablet With Outdoors Display

Gear: Pixel Qi, Fujitsu LifeBook T580, BlackBerry PlayBook.

This a video on why I want to create a compact convertible tablet with outdoor readable screen.

Why the small form factor?
Weight and volume.  Carrying a big laptop is never fun.  Netbooks and tablets are easier to take around. The Fujitsu Lifebook T580 should be lighter than my HP Pavilion DV6T QE. I love the netbook like size which is convenient to carry.

Why outdoors readable?
Matte screens have been better than the glossy screens, but even those are not readable outside.  I want to go anywhere and use the system without having to adjust for the right angle.

Easy on the eyes
As of right now companies make bright LCD screens that are probably not good for your eyes.  If you want the outdoors version then you must have an even brighter screen.  If you can feel your eyes then there's something wrong.  You have to agree that the Amazon Kindle's screen is so good that it doesn't produce eye strain.

Why pen input?
I detest paper.  PCs can turn handwritten notes to readable/searchable text. There's no "search" option in paper based notebooks.  Handwritten stuff is also good for planning.

What will the Dream Tablet replace?
  • Laptop - It will be able to do most laptop tasks including good ol media consumption, and content creation.  Keyboards are important!  It also doesn't need a "stand" accessory.
  • eReader - With the Pixel Qi screen you don't need to carry another gadget just to read books.
  • Tablet - All that touch stuff is doable in Windows systems, is just that no one programs them. Tools like Adobe Flash Builder are used to program iOS and BlackBerry PlayBook but they can be used with Adobe Air for Windows.  Battery life is one of the great things about tablets, hopefully the modified T580 will last longer.
  • Paper - This stuff takes space, collects dust, and wastes your time when trying to find that one piece of info that you need .  Let's turn things into digital and use the more efficient methods.

  • Fujitsu T580 - Ordered
  • Pixel Qi - Ordered

I will try to make it happen. I would love to know what your thoughts are. Thanks for reading or viewing the video.

Published: Jul 25, 2011


  1. I have no idea how much homework you have done but the main issues on your way will be:

    1. getting the touch/pen input panel/hw out from the current screen without braking them.. typically they are clued/taped and will brake easily.

    2. making the cable

    3. getting your video bios to work with 1024 x 600 .. on some models it works, sometimes there is no way to do it.

    4. the easiest, making a switch or key combination to turn off the back light..

    ping me if you need any help..

  2. JKK,

    1. I appreciate the comment. Once before I tried to remove the glass touchscreen from a device and it broke. I'll have to be careful.

    2. There are a few adapters I'm counting on to get it done. If there's none then I'll have to get working. Something I don't want to do.

    3. I don't want to deal with the Bios. Last time I did was to remove a whitelist item. On this I would need help.

    4. I'll use the software dimming at first. Some systems have the option of turning off the backlight through software. But I bet the T580 won't have it.

    I'll make sure to contact you if I need any help. I remember your Acer Aspire One + touch mod. (I think that's how I ran into your blog the first time).


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