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When I see Nicolas Cage on any screen I feel the immediate urge to watch something else as fast as possible.   Mr. Cage can be found on just about every type of movie genre out there...  Some of his movies are good, and many terrible.  However, Lord of War is what I consider Nicolas Cage's best movie.

So what is Lord of War about?  It's an action packed movie of arms selling through war zones.  The movie shows constant evasion of Interpol agents and "ways around the system".  This is the type of movie that really makes you think about how screwed up things can be "behind the scenes".

These days you can see plenty of stupid movies that are a big waste of your time, money and brain cells.  (just go to the movie theater and look at all the crap posters on the walls, like those super idiot/heroes movies) Sometimes something that might be based on reality is a very good change.  If you have some free time for movies then check it out.  It surely did not disappoint me.

Published: Jul 3, 2011

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