BlackBerry PlayBook - RIM Convertible Case (don't waste $50)

Gear: BlackBerry PlayBook, Slate Tablets.

$500 for a tablet is not cheap and it makes total sense to buy a case to protect your system.   This will be the third case that I have tested with the PlayBook.  The first one was that crappy soft shell, the second is was the rugged OtterBox Defender, and this is the Convertible Case.  These are my thoughts.

  • Looks good!
  • Doesn't add that much weight
  • Protect your PlayBook against the elements!
  • Convert the case to hold your PB like a stand
  • The flap doesn't really "close" (no magnets at all)
  • Those shitty buttons are flat
  • $50 is a lot for a case

For $50 this is a ridiculous case.  The cons outweigh the positives.  What drives me completely insane is the buttons that are flushed which makes it hard to identify at night, and it seems like you are bending the entire case to press the buttons.   $50 is just too much for this case, if anything it should be $5.  You are better off buying the OtterBox Defender Case.

I hope this post saved you time, money, and frustration.

Published: Jun 4, 2011

1 comment:

  1. Hey thanks for review. I've never thought of the real functionality until I saw it via your review.


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