This Is Why I like Lenovo Systems - HP DV6T QE Loud Fan Noise

Gear: Lenovo ThinkPad X220T, HP Pavilion DV6T QE.

A few weeks in with my DV6T QE and I have stumbled upon a rather shitty problem.  The fan every once in a while seems to love to rub against something inside and create massive noise.   This is not the "must cool down" noise that occurs when you run intensive applications.

I love the DV6T QE when it's quiet and behaves like it should.  But this noise is just a little too much for me to ignore.  I have to return the system and hopefully get it fixed, or get the upgraded version. (fingers crossed on the upgraded version).

This is not my first time having problems with computer systems.  Computers break down eventually but having a problem with only 3 weeks of use is not a good thing!

On the video I compared it to the Lenovo ThinkPad X220T which runs very quietly when running a few programs.  Even when I add Intel Turbo Boost and Lenovo Turbo Boost+ the X220T is quieter than the DV6T QE running properly.

I'll request a IdeaPad Y570 and a ThinkPad W520 from Lenovo for a future "proper" comparison between the DV6T QE's fan noise.  I want to know if Lenovo 15 inch systems are quieter than HPs... I'm sure you would also like to know.


Published: May 24, 2011

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