HP Customer Service Experience (HP DV6T QE)

For the few that have followed the HP DV6T QE blog posts... you might have seen on the previous video that I started getting some noises from the fan. It seemed like the fan was rubbing against something inside. It was not the normal fan noise... the noise that it was producing was rough.  So I had to contact HP to see if they could help me fix it.

Getting to the HP customer support rep was easy.  Just give them a call and follow the automated system until you reach a human. From then I had a long 30 minute cell phone conversation that finally ended up in a free return to HP for a checkup.

I described the noise as "rough noise from fan" and made them hear it through the phone. Usually if it's a hardware issue there is nothing software can do.  But the service rep wanted to try software anyways.

A few notes:
  • Expect accent (every tech company outsources tech support now)
  • Expect attempts with software fixes (which does nothing for hardware issues)

We first tried to let the rep take over the computer through their remote desktop software and that failed.  Then we did a Bios update and that obviously didn't work.

Due to the accent I didn't know half of the instructions. Somehow we got to FedEx return.  The service rep gave me several different methods of returning the system.  I thought they were going to send me an email with shipping instructions, but it ended up that I had to go to a store and drop it. (That took a second call to figure out).

I showed up at the FedEx store with the laptop and we got it shipped in less than 5 minutes. That part was smooth.

What happens now?  HP will receive the unit, check/fix it, and then return it.  It will probably take around 10 days.

I have mentioned before that the noise is inconsistent.  Sometimes it does make it, and sometimes it doesn't.  I fear that they will check the unit once, the fan won't make any noise, and they will return it telling me that there was no problem.  Then I'll be stuck with a fan that is noisy and I might have to fix it myself.  We'll find out when the system comes back.

Published: May 26, 2011


  1. Is it possible to install a high end whisper quiet gaming fan?

  2. I'm sure it wouldn't be entirely easy, but if HP returns it with a noisy fan I'm willing to give it a try.


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