Asus Eee Note EA-800 - Some Questions

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Lighting Conditions and the Eee Note:
You need good lighting conditions. There's also a bit of glare going on because of the top layer which is glass and has an anti glare film. If you have a Kindle and compare it you will notice a big difference.

The glass removed from the Eee Note

Everyday performance of the Eee Note EA-800?
I use the system for personal notes and reading books. I think it's more of a personal device than a 'business' device.  When you need to do things urgently the Eee Note could do it... if you prepare it for the task.  For most situations the pen/paper will be faster.

How does the Eee Note perform in cold environments?
It performs well in cold environments. According to the manuals the operating temperature are between 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) and 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit).
Manual at

How does it perform waiting for the bus?
I have my own car... but if I was a passenger the system will do fine for reading books. It won't be a good system for writing notes in a very shaky bus or train.

What about taking notes when getting a phone call?
You need a third hand... or a table to place the Eee Note.

Is the Eee Note usable as a pen/paper device?
For the most part yes. I hate paper... so I like the Eee Note. Obviously you cannot get rid of all paper in this world (at least not yet, but we are moving towards a paperless world).

Eierlegende Wollmilchsau (yummy!)   Thanks to Marius!

Published: Feb 24, 2011


  1. thanks for the post... just wish they would release an english version but by the time they do there will already be more devices to choose from!

  2. thanks dude! how easy is it on the eyes compared to ereader like kindle? im saving for an ereader since i need to read faster and reduce eye strain, thats why im looking into eink. however the grey scale looks like it would work.

    is the glare tolerable?
    does it seem to help with eye strain, or have the same eye strain as other lcd screens? i was thinking it would be better due to lack of back light.

  3. The Amazon Kindle's screen is better for reading. If Asus removed the top layer then it would look close what the Kindle's screen offers. I also posted the video of the system without the top layer.

    The glare was not a major factor for me because I never had a light source that would strike the screen at the right angle and that light bounce straight into my eyes (example on the first video posted above). I used the device every morning and read with the sun in the sky, and had no annoying issues.

    The system is not backlit (meaning that there's no light coming from the screen), which helps a lot when reading books. Your eyes do not fatigue as they do with computer monitors, TVs, and laptop LCD screens.

  4. hmm tough call then for me. i like the 8" screen but am worried. maybe if it comes to the STATES soon i can try it in a store.

  5. I just received my eeenote from some taiwanese reseller (fast and efficient one, i've got to say).

    It was already in english so i didn't have to use your nice tutorial. Though, I upgraded the fw, and it seems that using notes/bookmark or almost any options from the function bar bricks my AE800. I need to either force it back to the home screen (staying on the home button) or to reboot it.
    Have you experienced that ?

    Apart from that issue the eeenote is really some amazing stuff to me

  6. i forgot to mention it was using notes/highligther on a PDF file (notes on the reader)

  7. @roe
    No word on US release for a long time. I'm starting to wonder if it will happen.

    I did not experience what you describe. I recommend posting at Tablet PC Review

  8. Did you ever figure out how to change the percentage [content] to page numbers?

  9. Hey, My name is George and I'm a student from South Africa. I have been looking at a lot of videos of this 'notepad' and I am really interested in buying it. It is my understanding that with the ea800 you can import Word and PowerPoint files and then make notes on them and save. That is my need for this device. Can it do this?

    Or is there another device I should look at?
    Thanx in advance

  10. George,
    It can do that. Those saved edited files can only be viewed in the Eee Note. Edited documents won't show in PCs.

    There are several more powerful systems out there which may not be e-ink/e-paper. One of the latest is the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet.

    So far e-ink/e-paper has been too slow to consider. The Eee Note is ok, but not great.

  11. I just received my Eee Note and found out that the 3.5" earphone jack is mono and not stereo. Music is coming out of only one side of my earphones. Does you have this problem as well or is my unit defective?

  12. The system was sold quite a while ago. I don't remember if it was mono or stereo.


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