Apple MacBook Air 11.6 Inch

 The glorious MacBook Air 11.6 inch version!

I was going through my cell phone's pictures and ran across a few things.  I had forgotten that I had a few minutes with the latest MacBook Air.  It's actually the most beautiful "netbook" that I have tried.  Yes it's a netbook (small laptop with no disc drive)  I could not test 3D, 1080p video or Adobe Flash, so who knows if it's good with that.  What I tried worked very well.  These are some of the images that I took.

The finish is absolutely gorgeous.

My website looks good.  The screen is wide, bright and colorful!

Best netbook touchpad ever.  Feels good, performs great.
If you slide your finger from one corner to the other the pointer goes over the entire screen.  It's brilliant.  Try it with your current laptop!  Big points for Apple on this one.

One of the most comfortable keyboards I have tried.  I could type perfectly with it.

Yes it's thin.  It makes everything else look thick.

11.6 inch on the left, 13.3 inch in the middle, and MacBook Pro 13.3 inch on the right

Although a bit pricey... I have to admit that the Air is a smooth and beautiful "netbook".  If you want the smallest Mac then this system is worth considering.

Published: Dec 11, 2010

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