Lots of iPads turned into Netbooks/Netvertibles

It seems that there's a lot of iPad compatible cases.  Many of these new cases convert your iPad into something that resembles a netbook with a touch screen (nervertible?).  There are a lot of these cases.  Does this mean that the virtual keyboard is "no bueno"?  I think people want the iPad to do some of the tasks that can be accomplished with normal laptops, one of them typing long messages.  There are several netbooks with touchscreens out there, but none have the smooth interface that you do get with some iPad apps.  That would be the problem with current netbooks or netvertibles, programs in Windows 7 usually fall way behind on touch as compared to the iPad.  So, let's combine a bit of both technologies and we have a more useful iPad.

Published: Nov 10, 2010

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