Eliminating My Twitter Accounts

Maybe I never got it...

I see twitter as a spam machine, it's stupid.  So you follow 500 people and you really just get their spam, then you post your spam, and what's the purpose?   If you search for a product you get more commercial-spam links than informational links.  It's worse than email spam.

They have said that Twitter is worth over a $1 Billion dollars, well I haven't spent a cent on that system and to me it's worth $0.  Who knows how they will make money.  My bet is that since they have a massive amount of "users" that means that all of a sudden they could throw advertisements and get massive amounts of revenue.

Maybe there are things that are important to follow.  However, when it comes to writing any messages you are very limited and usually you must post a link (pretty much what digg, google, reddit do already).  I'm not using this waste of time system.

I'm removing all of my Twitter accounts.

Published: Sep 19, 2010


  1. Can't Blame you, I feel the same way, btw some all people or companies that have an actual webpage post the same things and at the end of the day all my rss feed (including twitter feeds) make their way to Google Reader, so I find myself reading double posts...

  2. Kafro, I assume you use Twitter for news?

  3. Fresh answer lol, well yes, primary for news because I can't find the purpose of using twitter for anything... it is limited and not that friendly.

    Personally its been since early summer that I logged into my twitter account.

    Twitter is for celebrities, gossip and random shit. Its not for serious stuff.


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