12 Inch Netbooks - Why?

Netbooks are great portable machines.  I have bought 6 netbooks which include 4 Acer Aspire Ones, 1 Lenovo S10-3T, and 1 Asus 1201N.  The 1201N being the first 12 inch netbook.  I'm starting to see a trend were a lot a of companies are selling 12 inch "netbooks".  I completely disagree with this.

I see 12 inch netbooks being more like low powered laptops with no disc drive.  This kind of defeats the purpose of the portability factor that makes netbooks so neat.

The idea of a portable and usable full powered Windows computing that is easy to carry is what I have always seek.   12 inch netbooks are poping everywhere.  Maybe companies have figured out a way to make more money with the same specs as the 8.9 inch netbooks by making the screen bigger.  Who knows.

Published: Sep 2, 2010

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