iPad 64GB Wifi + Dock + Keyboard for Sale (SOLD)

I'm getting rid of quite a few things during these days and I have enjoyed my iPad but I have to sell it.  It's crunch time for me.  The iPad is in great condition, there are no scratches on the device.

What's included:
  • 1 Apple iPad 64GB Wifi Version  (sells at about $700 at Apple, or between $730 to $853 on Amazon)
  • Sync cable with power adapter (included with iPad)
  • Invisible Shield on the iPad  ($6 to $15)
  • iPad Dock ($20 to $42)
  • Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard (about $70)

Worth: $795 if you bought all these parts at the cheapest prices.

Lightly used (maybe one to two hours usage each day and I have owned it since June)
There is a scratch on the invisible shield on the lower right, but the iPad is untouched.

Payment Method:

Continental US Only via UPS with tracking link

Auction Starting at:

If you have any questions please contact me.  Thank you!

Published: Aug 2, 2010


  1. why ru selling the ipad

  2. It's crunch time for me, meaning I'm broke. hahaha.

  3. ill click on some links for ya lol

  4. I don't make money by people clicking on adverts... Amazon doesn't work like Google Ads do. :p

  5. Oh thats too bad.


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