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I guess Lenovo is watching, but I hope they also act.  ;-)   I guess my little experiment caught someone's attention.

Title: IdeaPad S10-3TEnthusiast Blogger

A little excerpt from the article:
Today, while looking through the world of Lenovo in the blogosphere, I ran across Jesse Anderson’s Lenovo S10-3T blog.  His most recent post – an impromptu effort to collect improvement feedback from his audience really caught my eye because he seems truly passionate about the S10-3T and gathering ideas for future improvements from other customers.  He also wondered if we were paying attention.   I’d like to think we are!

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Published: Aug 17, 2010


  1. hey im looking to upgrade hdd to ssd 240gb on lenovo x201 tablet, but dont know the specs on on which ssd will work on the lenovo x201 tablet.

  2. 2.5 inch SSDs will work with the X201 Tablet.

    View more at:

  3. I've read some reviews on lenovo about how bad their customers service. Have you had bad experiences with lenovo's customer service? I've just ordered an x201 tablet and I've had a dell laptop before and the customer service was awful, hopefully the reviews are not asbad as some reviews on lenovo's customer service.

  4. I haven't needed to use the customer service yet. Usually I fix things myself so there's a good chance that the customer service guys will know less than me. hahaha ;)

    Customer service is a hard job... most of the reps quit. The problem is that most of them are not "experts" at how to fix things. Their main concern might be the paycheck. This is a problem on both sides... the computer users/owners have different degree of expertise on their computers. The customer service reps most likely have not even seen the system they are talking about.

    There are ways of fixing the customer service issues:
    1. Make quality products that don't require customer service
    2. When a customer calls do anything it takes to keep them happy. (ala

    If it I was me... I would add a program to all computers that is called [company name service] through this programs tech guys can access the computer remotely. I have done this for several of my friends and they are happy that the problems can be fixed. This leads to the trust issue... not all are worthy of remote computer access... trust is something that takes a while to build and shouldn't be given freely.

    Problems, problems, problems. Anyways... I think I got lost in my train of thought. Lenovo has tons of people and there's easy ways of contacting them through email or phone. If any company does a shity job, you should try to make them feel stupid and ruin their reputation by creating awesome Youtube videos. It's what I do + tons of other little tactics like editing their wikipedia page... hahaha ;)

  5. haha.. yeah! I've seen seen people use programs to help customers by accessing computers remotely. D.O.T. has shown me how it works. I gotta give credit for the workers for putting up with everyone.

    Lenovo just sent my x201t and hopefully it will be here on Friday.

  6. I hope the X201 pleases your "needs". I have been using it quite a bit and it's one powerful little notebook/convertible tablet.

  7. It seems powerful from what I've researched.


  8. Just got my lenovo x201 tablet yesterday, so far im lovin it

  9. Try MS OneNote and you won't ever go back to a normal laptop. ;)

  10. I'll check it out

  11. do you use the intel management and security status program?

  12. Just tried onenote and it works really well but im not able to use its full potential until I get used to it more. I've tried the webcam and its not as good as my old laptop, is there a program or driver to help on visual quality? without slowing down the fps

  13. You could get the latest drivers and see if that improves it. I'm not sure because I don't use the camera that much.

  14. how do you replace the tip of the stylus?

  15. Usually styluses come with replacement tips and a tool to easily pull the tips out.

  16. hey jesse im having issues with the built in microphone on my x201t. I use skype a lot, when i use the microphone the sound is faint and it is faint when I test the mic on voice recorder on windows 7. i updated the mic driver there is no change.

  17. You need to increase the decibel level of your MIC.

    Follow these steps:
    Hit Windows Key and type "Sound"
    Click "Sound" under Control Panel
    Click on the "Recording" tab
    Select your MIC (it might be "Internal Microphone")
    Click Properties button
    Click on "Levels" tab
    Increase the "Microphone Boost" slider
    Click OK

    That should solve the problem. I hope that helps. ;-)


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