Free Case, Sleeve or Any Item That is $20 or Less (EXPIRED)

Get a free case, sleeve, or any item that is $20 or less if you buy through one of my referral links.

Yes you can buy the 1.83Ghz version at the Lenovo site, but you must go through the Amazon referral link and then click on the 1.83Ghz item.  I'm positive that it will register.

To get this deal send me an email with:
  • Print Screen of your orders page (jpg and png images)
  • Name and shipping address
  • The item that you want (must be from, a link would be helpful)

To print screen your orders page you could use the Print Screen key and Paint and save the image as a jpg or png.  However, if you want an easier way then try Free Screen Capturer.

  • US Only (I'm sorry rest of the world but shipping would be too much)
  • I don't collect and sell your info.  I usually delete all emails after I'm done reading them because I don't want a cluttered inbox.
  • I will send the items once I collect enough orders to save on shipping expenses and when the deal ends.
  • If you Photoshop your orders page I will know because of the referral page, so don't try to play games
  • The deal goes from orders made from June 1st to June 15th.  If you ordered items earlier than that then I'm sorry but I cannot send you anything because I have not kept track of items.
  • I'm doing this because I was planning on doing it for a while, so I decided to just do it.  Then I thought that my referral commission my go from an incredible 4% to a 5%!  No I'm not making millions.
  • No I'm not sponsored by any company.  If I did then I would have way more videos on youtube.


Published: Jun 1, 2010

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