Second iSival MP720B1 - Menus and Sample Video

Gear: iSival MINI Projector MP720B1

I left out several things on my first MP720B1 video so I felt I had to make a second video covering the Menu features.  I'm in love with the colors of the projector, they are amazing, which must be because of the LED technology.

You will be glad to know that you have tons of of customization options and you can change just about anything.  There's some cool technologies including the Auto keystone which makes this projector super friendly and adaptable.

In the future I want to mount this up in my ceiling.  Which will require a few HDMI cable extensions.  I could do wireless with a Warpia adapter but HDMI will give the best picture quality.

Projector Links:
iSival MINI Projector MP720B1

Realtime AMD Demo:
Ladybug Demo - download it and try it if you have the system

Thanks for those who corrected me with the pronunciations:  Sival - Seeval,  Pico - Peeko

Published: Mar 23, 2010


  1. Did you try putting up an 80" wide screen and watch a movie with a background lights - say a small overhead (or floor standing light)?

    Would be great to see a video with that setup and see how well it'll work with a not-completely dark environment but where there is some small/light background.


  2. I'll try that in a new video. Thanks for the idea.


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